Kai’s Pop N Paint Hosting Tips

kais pop n paint

kais pop n paint

VICTORVILLE — Halloween themed parties, birthday parties, and baby showers are just a few of the celebrations that Kai’s Pop N Paint Owner Kai D’Espyne has hosted. The Victorville native has three tips on how to host a paint party.

“Paint parties are an art instruction class where I come to a private location and people can come have fun, eat, drink and paint,” said D’Espyne. “Painting is therapeutic — a lot of people are stressed out about what’s going on in the world. The paint parties let people escape for a couple of hours and do something different.”

D’Espyne says she started instructed art classes at a young age — 11 years old with the help of an art teacher. After her teacher passed away in 2017 and her own near fatal car accident, D’Espyne decided to get back into art instruction. She provides art instruction for private parties and corporate events anywhere in Southern California.

3 Tips for Hosting a Paint Party

#1: You don’t need a degree to start

D’Espyne says all you need is a love and passion for art and teaching.

#2: Start small with just the supplies you need

Typical supplies needed are easels, aprons and paint tins, however, until the party reservations become more consistent, only a small supply is needed.

#3: Encourage everyone to do their best

“I always try to encourage everyone to do their best — it’s not a race and not to bash your own painting,” said D’Espyne.

I’m all about unity and enjoying the experience. Many people are sensitive about expressing themselves in certain ways. I try to keep everyone on a positive track. 

Kai D’Espyne

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