California holds $10 Billion in lost money

CA Lost money


CA Lost money

STATEWIDE – The state of California is holding over $10 billion in unclaimed property – not including real estate, that in many cases residents can claim online without any additional work. People are encouraged to check the online database to see if they have any lost money or other valuables.

“One in three Californians who visit the site have property to claim,” said California State Controller Press Secretary Jennifer Hanson. “We just need to prove identity and ownership.”

Uncashed paychecks, inactive bank accounts, insurance benefits, and safe-deposit box contents are some of the claims that can be found in the database. Also when a company has money that belongs to you but doesn’t hear from you for years, that money is reported to the state through a process known as escheatment. 

Sometimes the properties are very small – less than $25. However, according to Hanson, there have been people who find out they had hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

When searching the database try common misspellings of your name. If someone entered it incorrectly, that could be the reason it ended up at the state controller’s office. Then, match it up and see if it links to an address you have lived at to see if it might be your lost money.

In addition to searching the database at the state controller’s office, you can also look at San Bernardino County’s website for an unclaimed property tax refund. With certain exceptions, taxpayers generally have four years to file a claim for the refund.

To search for an unclaimed property with the state of California visit

To search for an unclaimed property tax refund with San Bernardino County visit