FitFam HD hosting free training Saturday

Fitfam HD fitness studio

Fitfam HD fitness studio

APPLE VALLEY — Stretching, working with weights, and running are on the itinerary, Saturday, at FitFam HD Fitness Studio. Fitness Coach Debra Esquibel wants to invite the community to her “Give Back Saturday” training to get some relief from life’s pressure.

“This is something that I love,” said Esquibel. “I want to invite the community to come and workout for maybe an hour and 15 minutes. I partnered up with a small business this time called Hey Bestea who sells lavender lemonade.”

Esquibel started her “Give Back Saturday” training sessions in July and has done them once a month. She says that she gets her motivation for training with families from her parents who are now both deceased.

“My mother was morbidly obese and my father was super athletic,” said Esquibel.

She should still be here. It’s to honor her. Fitness has turned my family — my own kids’ life around.

Coach Debra Esquibel

Esquibel was a martial arts instructor for eight years before becoming a certified fitness trainer. She also worked with the Apple Valley Police Athletic League and Silver Sneakers program. Esquibel now holds classes at her fitness studio Monday through Friday for adults and for teens aged 13-17, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

“I welcome anybody — it doesn’t matter the age or physical limitation,” said Esquibel. “I’ve trained a blind person, an autistic person and someone with muscular dystrophy. Everything can be modified. I take people as they are.”

FitFam HD Fitness Studio is located at 13599 Del Mar Road, Apple Valley. The Saturday class starts at 8 a.m. 

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