Dry Run: Short film brings horror from the HD

APPLE VALLEY — Apple Valley filmmaker Curtis Fisher debuted his horror short, “Dry Run” on October 1, kicking off the Halloween season. This is his second film about High Desert rural life with a creepy twist.

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“Anyone who enjoys horror and suspense can appreciate a short film that creates this atmosphere in just under 8 minutes,” said Fisher. “Being that the movie is silent most of the time helps to create the anxiety and anticipation for what’s next.”

“Dry Run” is about reporter Jim (Rufino Romero) who arrives at a remote location to report on a story. Soon after arriving, he finds no one home. Mysterious noises are just the beginning of a more sinister danger he has to escape. Mario Medina also stars as the villain. 

Fisher says the rural desert life gave him the idea for “Dry Run.”

“The idea was thought up from living out in the desert where it is quiet and dark at night with lonely roads,” said Fisher. “I thought how it would be creepy to start to have strange things happen with no explanation.”

Fisher says another determining factor was the budget for the film.

The fact that there was no crew so I had to formulate a game plan to complete the film in less than half a day.

Curtis Fisher


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