Macario: Inspired by Black women

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VICTORVILLE — The four foot tall canvas of a headless woman adorned in a stream of purple is only one of many original creations that fill Macario’s collection. The Victorville artist finds his inspiration in everything around him — including the women in his life and nature.

“A lot of the inspiration comes from Black women because I was raised by a multitude of phenomenal Black women and they are what inspired me to create art,” said Macario. “They inspire me to keep going everyday.”

Macario credits his mother’s crafting hobby as his own natural gravitation into the art world. Although he went on to attend the historically Black Huston-Tillotson University, graduating with a degree in Kinesiology, Macario continues to create in his spare time.

Macario the creator

“I’ve kind of grown up doing it but I didn’t begin to take it seriously until about a year or two ago when my best friend told me you’re pretty good at this,” said Macario. “So I did and I just started.”

The self-taught artist took to Youtube to perfect his craft. Not only does he create traditional paintings but he’s customized shoes, clothes, furniture and tattoos. 

“I encourage others to create — it’s a wonderful outlet and it’s helped me through so much,” said Macario.

As humans, we are naturally made to create and you should try your best to do it everyday.


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