High Desert Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club hosts skate party!

HD Buffalo Soldiers

VICTORVILLE — The High Desert Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club members traded their 2 wheels in for 4, Tuesday, during their first community event at the Holiday Skating Center. The party brought the community together for a night of skating, music and fun.

“With this COVID — the years are passing by — everybody’s on the phone or in the house, you need to get back to regular things in doing something that’s actually fun,” said High Desert Buffalo Soldiers Vice President N-Pound. “When I was growing up, we skated — all the kids were outside.”

The club is named after the historic Black United States Army regiments known as the Buffalo Soldiers who served on the Western frontier after the American Civil War. The High Desert chapter of the club was created in 2020 after expanding from Los Angeles.

HD Buffalo Soldiers

“Everyone is welcome — no matter the color of their skin, height, weight, we don’t care about none of that,’ said High Desert Buffalo Soldiers 2nd Lieutenant and Sergeant at Arms Knucklehead.

We just care about having a good time and giving back to the community when we can.


The High Desert chapter along with the newly formed Pomona chapter hopes to host more community events in the future.

“Leave your drama at home and have a good time,” said N-Pound.

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