CA Dream For All 20% down payment “Register for Voucher” button goes live in April

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CALIFORNIA — The California Housing Finance Agency (CALHFA) announced Tuesday that it’s launching the next round of the California Dream For All (DFA) Shared Appreciation Loan program in April 2024. 

A grayed out “Register for Voucher” button on the website will go live in April, however, in the meantime CALHFA encourages homebuyers to talk with an approved lender to get ready.

According to CALHFA, during Phase I, the DFA program helped 2,182 new homeowners purchase a home with 55% self-identifying as belonging to communities of color.

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Reservation System

CalHFA will open a web portal in early April where potential homebuyers can register for a Dream For All Voucher. 

Because the demand for this loan program is projected to be very high, CALHFA says these vouchers will be randomly drawn in late April. The agency says this will provide potential homebuyers across the state an equitable chance to receive a Dream For All loan.

First-Generation Homebuyers are eligible

The eligibility requirements for the program are:

In order to register for a voucher in April, a CALHFA approved lender must provide the buyer with a California Dream For All (DFA) Lender Pre-Approval Letter. 

Shared Appreciation

The program provides down payment assistance for first-time homebuyers to be used in conjunction with the Dream For All Conventional first mortgage for down payment and/or closing costs.

Upon sale or transfer of the home, the homebuyer repays the original down payment loan, plus a share of the appreciation in the value of the home.

A 1-hour free online education which covers what shared appreciation is and how it affects the mortgage repayment is available here.

For more information about the California Dream For All (DFA) Shared Appreciation Loan visit

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