CA Mortgage Relief income adjustment makes more households eligible for $80,000 grant

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STATEWIDE – The California Mortgage Relief Program, announced Wednesday, an annual adjustment in the Area Median Income (AMI) that allows more households to qualify for a grant up to $80,000. 

According to CoreLogic, in May 2023, California was in the top 10 states with a serious delinquency rate – 1.5%. A serious delinquency rate is defined as  90 days or more past due including loans in foreclosure.

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CalHFA Homeowner Relief Corporation President Rebecca Franklin says even now, too many homeowners are still struggling to recover from the financial toll of the pandemic. 

“This adjustment could mean that more families will not only save their house, but their home. At the same time, they will also protect their greatest financial asset and build generational wealth that could extend beyond their lifetime,” said Franklin.

CA Mortgage Relief Increases AMI

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) updated the AMI levels that the Mortgage Relief Program uses to determine eligibility.

To qualify for a grant the combined household income for residents 18 and over must be at or below 150% AMI. With the increase in AMI, a family of four in San Bernardino County can now earn up to $139,800 as opposed to last year’s AMI of $132,000.

To use the CA Mortgage Relief AMI calculator for income eligibility click here.

Other Eligibility Requirements

This is the second time this year the program has expanded its eligibility requirements.

In February, the program expanded eligibility to include:

  • Catching eligible homeowners up on late mortgage payments (must have missed at least two payments as of March 1, 2023);
  • Covering missed property tax payments (must have missed at least one payment as of March 1, 2023);
  • Paying all or some of a partial claim or loan deferral taken during or after January 2020 (created by moving missed mortgage payments to be paid at the end of the mortgage); 
  • Helping reverse mortgage holders who face an arrearage due to missed payments for property taxes or homeowners’ insurance.

Fast and Easy Application

CA Mortgage Relief says it is fast and easy to apply online or via a mobile device. Households can complete the application in under 30 minutes once all the required documents and information are gathered. This includes mortgage statements, bank statements, utility bills, and income documentation (i.e. paystubs, tax returns, or unemployment documents).

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CA Mortgage Relief has helped over 17,000 households

As of June 2023, a total of $445 million has been granted to over 17,000 households statewide. The average grant per household is $25,651. Funds do not have to be paid back and the program is free.

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For more information about the California Mortgage Relief Program call 1-888-840-2594 between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday through Friday or visit online at


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