CALeVIP giving rebates up to $100,000 for electric vehicle fast charging stations

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CALeVIP giving rebates up to $100,00 for DC Fast Charging stations for electric vehicles
Photo credit: California Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development

SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY – The California Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Project (CALeVIP) is providing rebates for purchasing and installing direct current fast chargers for electric vehicles in the eastern and central regions of California – including San Bernardino County. The Golden State Priority Project applications will open January 24, 2023 to fund sites located in disadvantaged or low-income communities. 

CALeVIP’s mission is to “deploy electric vehicle charging stations quickly and efficiently to help meet California’s zero-emission vehicle goals.” The California Energy Commission (CEC) has made a total of $30 million incentive funds available for the program.

Rebates for eligible equipment may equal up to 50% of the project’s total approved costs subject to the rebate caps of $55,000 per connector for 150kW – 274.99kW output and $100,000 per connector for 275kW+ output. 

There is no limit to the total amount of rebates an organization can receive if incentive funding is available. For example a site with 4 active connectors  at 150kW output can receive up to $220,000. A charging station with 20 active connectors with 350kW output can receive up to $2,000,000.

CALeVIP rebate statistics chart for San Bernardino County
Photo credit: CALeVIP

Site owners, businesses, nonprofits, California Native American tribes, and public or government entities based in California are eligible to apply for the rebate. Eligible site types include city, county, or privately owned parking lots and garages, restaurants, retail centers, gas stations, hospitals or community centers.

Additional requirements are that the site is in a disadvantaged or low-income community and the premises must be well-lit and secure. Charging stations must be publicly available 24 hours per day, 365 days a year. Charging stations in stand-alone parking lots or parking garages not dedicated to a particular business must have the chargers accessible to the public at least 18 hours a day, seven days a week, excluding holidays.

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Installation, equipment and network providers also must meet minimum requirements.

Once the application window opens, applicants will be able to log in to the CALeVIP 2.0 application portal and begin the process. If the application is selected for a rebate, the applicant has 450 calendar days from the notification date to complete the project and submit all required documents. 

Applicants are eligible to receive a rebate payment at project completion.

As of 2022, 17 DC fast charging stations have been completed in San Bernardino County, with 226 in progress through the CALeVIP Rebate program.

For more information on the CALeVIP Golden State Priority Project visit


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