Wellness advocates’ essentials oils now selling at Bea’s Natural Store

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Oilyjandra’s essentials oils – natural alternative for healing, now selling at Bea’s Natural Store
Photo credit: Alejandra Castro / Bea’s Natural Store / Canva

HESPERIA – Highly potent chemical compounds hidden in roots, seeds, flowers, and bark is how dōTERRA Wellness Advocate Alejandra Castro describes essential oils. Castro, also known as Oilyjandra, is now selling the natural healing alternative at Bea’s Natural Store in Hesperia.

“I love Bea’s Natural Store. It’s a beautiful place and she offers many wellness services,” said Castro. “I never thought I would grow into what I am growing into. For some, it may not be a big deal, but to me, having my products in a local store is huge. I’m just so humbled and grateful that I get to even share space with so many amazing local small businesses.”

Castro says she started out as just a woman who wanted to share essential oils with people and educate them on their benefits.

“I used to be on Xanax and Zoloft for years for my anxiety and depression,” said Castro. “I no longer wanted to be on pharmaceuticals, not just because of the side effects, but I did not like how they made me feel as a person.”

Castro found dōTERRA – a multi-level marketing company that sells essential oils and other natural wellness products, and said she is forever grateful for what the products have done for her.

“I was a customer with dōTERRA for six years before I even started doing the business and their oils are very pure and potent – once you use dōTERRA you definitely can see the difference,” said Castro. “We source our oils from different parts of the country, where that plant grows best and our bottles actually have a number on the bottom that you can search online to see where your oil came from.”

According to WebMD, aromatherapy is generally safe. Essential oils can cause side effects, though. Some can irritate your eyes, skin, or mucous membranes in your nose. They can also cause mild allergic reactions.

Benefits of essential oils include lifting your mood and topical treatment for minor skin irritations, soothing sore muscles, or headaches. Castro says there are also no side effects when using essential oils so that is a “big help for those interested in natural wellness”.

She says essential oils in no way replaces a hospital or doctor’s office, but they’re great for preventative self-care at home.

“You don’t have to completely change your entire life overnight with natural solutions,” said Castro. “I still have some changes in my life that I plan on making but it’s empowering to know I have these tools at my fingertips and resources available.”

Bea’s Natural Store is located at 15800 Main St Unit 150, Hesperia. For more information about Oilyjandra’s essential oils visit my.doterra.com/alejandracastro


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