Apple Valley seeking bids to demolish Hilltop House

Apple Valley Hilltop House

Apple Valley Hilltop House

APPLE VALLEY – The town of Apple Valley is seeking bids, due July 28, for the demolition of the iconic Hilltop House built by Apple Valley founder Newt Bass. The Town council is looking to re-purpose the property as an observation deck.

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According to the request for bids, the demolition project consists of providing the labor, equipment, and materials to completely demolish the Hilltop House structure, remove and haul away all debris, final grading, and all associated work as directed by the Director of Municipal Services.

There is a mandatory pre-bid conference scheduled for July 19 with an anticipated award date of August 9. Work on the project must be completed within 30 days. The engineer’s estimated cost for the project is $180,000 – $230,000.

Newt Bass built the Hilltop House in 1957 after he and business partner Bud Westlund purchased 6,300 acres of High Desert land during the early 1940’s. They turned the acreage into a real estate development known as Apple Valley Ranchos, which made them millions. Bass and Westlund remained in Apple Valley from its inception into full maturity.

Apple Valley Hilltop House

The home is built on a 20 acre site above the Apple Valley Inn. It featured an indoor-outdoor swimming pool with electric push buttons that opened sliding panels above the pool to become three skylights.

A fire nearly destroyed the house in 1967. It was restored and rebuilt, but from then on it was used largely for office space. Over the years, Hilltop House has fallen into disrepair.  The Town of Apple Valley purchased the Hilltop House and plans to restore the iconic home into an observation deck are underway.

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