REEF leasing space for ghost kitchens!

ghost kitchen

ghost kitchen

NATIONWIDE – REEF Technology – formerly known as ParkJockey, a Miami based parking lot management service, has expanded its vision and is now adding “infrastructure for ghost kitchens, healthcare clinics, logistics and last-mile delivery.” The company is looking to partner with property owners to lease parking, extra space at a business, alleyways, commercial kitchen space, dead space, green space and storage space while bringing new jobs, goods, and services to a neighborhood.

The SoftBank-backed tech company has a commitment to open 700 Wendy’s ghost kitchens that are delivery-only in the US, Canada and the UK over the next five years. The company is also working with Del Taco and TGI Fridays.

The pandemic put the restaurant industry on a decline and created a huge demand for food deliveries. It has led to the accelerated growth of ghost kitchens, or cooking facilities that produce food only for delivery and takeout with no dine-in areas.

“When we partner with brands, we are helping that brand do what they do in the best way possible in this new world,” said Reef Chief Creative Officer Alan Philips. “We’ve built a network of hundreds of ghost kitchens and hundreds of retail locations. I don’t know of anyone who’s going to be able to take brands and bring them onto the platform and expand them in such a capital efficient and neighborhood centric way.”

One of the reasons REEF is growing so quickly is its ability to operate in unusual locations. REEF’s vessels are large kitchen trailers the size of shipping containers that are not bound by real estate limits. They’re a hybrid of food trucks/carts and traditional restaurant operations models.

“I see our platform as a way for restaurateurs and brands to be as creative as possible,” said Philips. “We’re just enablers to help make those dreams come true.  … We can scale physical businesses like digital businesses — like taking a brand from one location to 100 locations in less than a year. This is unheard of in the world of hospitality.”

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