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skipjack yachts

OAK HILLS — The fully equipped Skipjack Baja model comes with sleeping accomodations for four people, enclosed shower, refrigerator and stove at a starting price of $179,000. The fishing boat company is always looking for people who want a career learning to do something special and Skipjack Sales Manager Michael Englebrecht looks for three criteria when evaluating a boatmaker to hire.

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Skipjack Yachts made their first boat in 1967. They’ve made over 4,000 in Southern California and Skipjack’s boats can be seen anywhere in the water — harbors, Catalina and out fishing. Englebrecht says sometimes the boats are 20 years older than the boats around them because they are “just that well-made.”

The boat making career path can lead to making the industry standard salary of $30 an hour or higher. Englebrecht details what he looks for in a boatmaker.

skipjack yachts

3 Criteria for Boat Making

#1 Passion for making boats

Englebrecht says building a boat is like making an art project — you put your own feel and touch into it. 

#2 Be comfortable working in extreme conditions

They’re sometimes working in a very cold or very hot building or sometimes out in the sun.  It’s not a desk job or working in an air conditioned room all the time.

#3 The ability to learn new things

The art of using a saw to cut a straight line, fiberglassing or being able to understand electrical components as they relate to each other. Things like that we expect people to learn.

“This isn’t a fast food place,” said Englebrecht. “You’re making something special for somebody else and you have to be proud of it when you deliver it.

That’s what we’re looking for — people who have that type of passion and consideration when they’re making something for our customers.

Michael Englebrecht

To apply for a boat making position contact Mr. Michael Englebrecht at 1.888.947.8337. For more information on Skipjack Yachts visit