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ADELANTO — Classic car and bike clubs showcased their prized vehicles, Saturday, in an effort to support local vendors at the first annual Coast United Car and Bike show. Lowriders highlighted the day’s events, at the Adelanto Stadium, along with good food, shopping and musical performances from local artists.

“It’s all about the culture — helping out small businesses,” said Coast United Car and Bike Show Organizer Reynaldo Thompson. “We’re giving a certain amount — a percent to foundations to help and support the community.”

Local vendors included IE Runner, Old Skool Streetwear, Atel’s Enuff eatery, Nva2Much Jewelry, Type 1 Graffix and Mexican Delights. Shoppers were entertained with West coast flavored musical performances by local artists including AKA Luke, Iceberg, Ayo Reek, Ayo TR3, Big Dreams and Travie So Sick.

Rows of cars and bikes filled the stadium parking lot while car and bike club members took photos and enjoyed the festivities. Show attendees enjoyed several special themed classic cars — one of which was based on the movie “Predator” that included a full scale Predator prop in the driver’s seat. 

Coast United Car and Bike Show

“I really love us being out here — it’s 108 degrees, we’re still out here for the love of the culture,” said Coast United Car and Bike Show organizer Primo. “Our families are out here, our friends are out here.”

Everything we’re doing is for us to stay together and overcome. Sometimes we don’t know why things happen, but we understand how we overcome them.


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