Adelanto Community Leaders: A Stand against Gun Violence


ADELANTO — Youth football organization HD Kingz and Fathers in Hip Hop held an emergency meeting, Tuesday, after an incident occurred involving the HD Queenz cheer squad and grieving community members’ memorial site. Leaders urged parents to be present at the daily practices in efforts to prevent any future incidents.

“What took place this weekend was a tragedy — we lost some youths,” said HD Kingz President Moore. 

According to Moore, an individual attending a house party in Victorville was shot and killed. A candlelight vigil was held at the Desert Trails Park, Sunday, and another young man was shot that night. The following Monday, the cheer team came to the park to practice a dance routine. The grieving community members felt that the cheer team should not be around the memorial. 

“Individuals came in vehicles, jumping over gates — armed men around kids that’s only 8-14 years old,” said Moore. “So it was a must that we came together — me and Fathers in Hip Hop, being community leaders, to take a stand.”

Moore says incidents like this have been happening for too long at different parks and programs. He says they are taking action to ensure the park is safe for practices.


Parents, coaches, players and cheerleaders gathered to hear Moore emphasize the importance of parents being present during practices and educated them on how to engage with the community. HD Kingz First Lady Mrs. Moore closed the meeting in prayer.

“We came out today to get the parents — specifically the fathers, to understand the importance of our presence here at this park when our children are here doing practices,” said Fathers in Hip Hop Founder Justified Smith.

The HD Kingz park is not a place that’s going to tolerate the BS that the streets so often bring.

Justified Smith


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