Living Off Raw Dreams: Christian Hip Hop coming to the High Desert!


HIGH DESERT — West coast gangster rap music is the signature sound for the artists on the Living Off Raw Dreams Southern California tour. The Christian hip-hop performers will grace the stage, in August, in their continuing community outreach efforts.

“When we were there last time, we saw that they would stop and look at what was going on and they’d hear the music,” said Living Off Raw Dreams artist Jaysol. “To me, it’s like okay — it’s touching people.”

The non-profit organization, established January 2019, uses musical performances as a way to connect with people. Artists in the lineup include King Cyrus, Dre Wheelz, Jaysol, AG, Saint Paul, God’s Crow, Andrew Music Williams, MC Blessed and various special guests like Jaae Kash.


Living Off Raw Dreams Founder G Redd says his organization is not just outreach through music. He also hosts giveaways throughout the year including a bi-weekly food bank in La Puente where the organization is based.

“What Living Off Raw Dreams right now is a collective of many different ministries,” said Jaysol. 

Artist RareBreed of the group Camp 8 Republic is also an Executive Board Member on the Southern California Ceasefire Committee — an organization aimed at eliminating violence, including gang wars, in the community.  The organization holds a peace rally every fourth Saturday in Los Angeles. 

We’re the new peacebuilders. It evolved from the civil rights movement to peacebuilding in today’s world. We’re in the book with Malcolm and Martin. We’ve been to Sacramento and changed bills.


The upcoming High Desert performance will include the live performances as well as entertainment for the kids. Admission is free.

“We have a heart for the people,” said Jaysol. “There’s a lot of people that’ve been broken — there’s a lot of people hurting — for us it’s important that we be out there and reach out to these people.

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