Alex Warren: 180 Movement drives people to discover purpose

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VICTOR VALLEY — Gospel music and prayer accompanies Alex Warren Jr.’s livestream on breaking generational curses with social media followers he affectionately calls family. Warren’s inspirational talks — garnering him over 17,000 followers on Instagram, center on discovering life’s purpose in what he calls the 180 Movement.

“The 180, it requires you to leave something behind to progress towards something new,” said Warren. “I believe we live in a day and age where people are suffering from an identity crisis. So with the 180 movement we are helping people 180 their minds.”

Alex Warren

Warren says the movement started out as a weight gaining goal while attending Adelanto High school but the holy spirit led him to look deeper than that. Since that time he has spoken at local high schools giving his message of purpose and having a sense of urgency about finding it.

Warren says it is not enough to just motivate someone to purpose driven action but to inspire them.

“Motivation — it comes and goes…it lasts in the moment I’m with you, but the moment that I leave you, the motivation is gone,” said Warren.

With inspiration, it inspires you and it imparts something to your life for you to go and do something about it.

Alex Warren

The 180 Movement also helps people financially through investment strategies and training. 

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