MWA Appoints Allison Febbo as General Manager

Allison Febbo

Allison Febbo

APPLE VALLEY – The Mojave Water Agency appointed Allison Febbo as General Manager, December 1, 2021, to replace Kathy Cortner, who transitioned to a role focused on special projects until retirement in early 2022.

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“This is an exciting opportunity to work with a skilled and dedicated staff that continues to produce high-quality results in a constantly-shifting work environment,” said Febbo. “Moving forward, we will continue to work together to enhance the team culture within the agency to benefit the region’s residents.”

The Mojave Water Agency provides water to residents within the approximately 4,900 square mile boundary in the High Desert. As a state water contractor, MWA is entitled  to receive an annual allotment of up to 89,800 acre feet of water from the State Water Project via the California Aqueduct.

Febbo has served as the Assistant General Manager since January 2021, and has a background spanning 23 years in water resources, hydrology and water operations. Prior to joining the Mojave Water Agency, she was the Deputy Operations Manager in the Central Valley for the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation. Febbo holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Earth and Atmospheric Science from Georgia Institute of Technology and a Masters of Science in Hydrologic Science from University of California, Davis.

Cortner joined the Agency in October of 2007 as the Chief Financial Officer and was promoted to Assistant General Manager in February of 2020. She then served as Interim General Manager before being hired as the General Manager in July 2020.

“We appreciate Kathy’s many years of service and wish her well on her impending retirement,” said Mojave Water Agency Board President Jeanette Hayhurst. “We are confident that she has left the Agency in good hands with Allison at the helm.”

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