Rhythm and Flow: The Mindset of a Business Owner

rhythm and flow

VICTORVILLE — Rhythm and Flow, the only hot yoga studio in the High Desert, opened in April with the intentions of bringing a new style of fitness to the area. Owner Vinnie Lipiz offers his advice on how to think like successful business owner.

#1: Love What You Do

Lipiz says he’s seen so many people start a business because they think it’s the next big trend. They get tired and burnt out because they’re not in love.

#2: Work harder on yourself than your business

If you’re not working on you, you’re never going to truly grow, therefore your business will never truly grow.

#3: Treat people how you want to be treated

There’s so much stuff out in the world that doesn’t make you feel good. We want to be a place that people can come and feel good when they leave.

Rhythm and Flow is Lipiz’ second fitness studio in the High Desert.  He and his wife opened Rhythm and Ride, a spin studio, after moving to the High Desert and seeing there was a need for one. The same goes for yoga — they wanted to open a yoga studio that was their style.

rhythm and ride

Lipiz’ heated yoga studio offers a variety of classes that begins with foundational yoga which teaches all the postures and movements.

“There’s different styles. There’s styles where you’re using weights. There’s a style that’s really slow for recovery,” said Lipiz. “The added heat is to make you sweat more — detox.”

Lipiz says with everything going on right now, health is very important. He says it’s also important to have fun while working out and be in place that gives hope.

Encouragement is really the key. We tell people to turn to your neighbor and say you’re doing great. It’s a community thing — it’s really powerful.

Vinnie Lipiz

Rhythm and Flow & Rhythm and Ride are located at 12209 Hesperia Rd Suite L, Victorville. For more information call 760-596-0087.


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